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Associate Professor, Teaching and Research Division

Expert in Pharmacology, Toxicology, Chemotherapy and Gastroenterology


Dr Ko obtained his bachelor degree at the University of Toronto, Canada in Toxicology and Nutritional Sciences. He then continued his doctoral study at the University of Hong Kong and obtained a PhD in Pharmacology. Dr Ko had lectured in the Medical School of the University of Hong Kong for years and had been actively involved in many research projects. He had published around 100 journal papers and conference proceedings. 

My research disciplines include pharmacology, toxicology, chemotherapy and gastroenterology. My current research interest and strength focus on the study of the carcinogenesis and pharmacotherapy of gastrointestinal cancers (particularly colon) by using active herbal medicinal compounds, and also on the identification of key molecular drug targets. I have recently explored the potential anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory actions of TCM formulations and single herbal drugs in the treatment of cancer pain and inflammation pain. I employ different cell and molecular biology methods, animal models of cancer and pain, with increasing works using proteomics and metabolomics approaches in our current studies. The new ventures in the coming years include research works on micro-RNA and tumor-targeting peptides delivery system. 



 Dr. Kathy Ka Wai Au Yeung (Ph.D.)

  Research Assistant Professor


  Email: aykathy@gmail.com


 Ms. Yue Wang

  Ph.D. student


  Email: 11467444@life.hkbu.edu.hk


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