Dr. Ge Zhang’s Lab has published findings on a non-coding RNA regulating bone formation from clinical specimens in Nature Medicine.

January 08, 2013

Dr. Ge Zhang (M.D.), who is one of the corresponding authors of the newly published paper ‘miR-214 targets ATF4 to inhibit bone formation’ in Nature Medicine (Jan. 2013), has complete a translational study on identification of a non-coding RNA regulating osteoblastic bone formation in clinical bone specimens with his mainland collaborator Prof. Yingxian Li from ‘State Key Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Studies in Aerospace Medicine of the China Astronaut Center’. The finding provides an important foundation for developing novel RNA interference-based drugs targeting the non-coding RNA to treat bone diseases involving impaired bone formation. One of the first authors is Dr. Baosheng Guo (Ph.D.).

Please visit the following website for details of the paper:



The publication in Nature Medicine 2013

Dr. Ge Zhang (M.D.) (left) and Dr. Baosheng Guo (Ph.D.) (right) in the lab

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